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Cold Water Soap Works Best!
The secret is that coldwater soap is affordable and used for multiple purposes. From oil stains, to green grass stains.  Merely rub the stain with soap, let it soak, and in the words of Errol from 7de Laan; “A for Away”.


I have been living in the hot, beautiful Upington since 2005.

Once your toes touch the red Kalahari sand, they never want to leave. Our family owns a cattle farm 270km outside of Upington, near Askham. My husband frequently bought cold water soap for me at a local small shop near Mier. Seeing as we farm cattle the opportunity to make my own soap presented itself when my mother in law brought me her very own cold water soap recipe. I was instantly hooked. When farming with cattle, you daily have more than enough cattle fat to work with.

In May 2014, I began making my own cold water soap daily. I appointed Helen to assist in the process seeing as I could stay in front of orders. Sanets Boerseep is bought by local guesthouses & farm stalls additional to taking part in various market days. I often send soap packages as far as from Namibia to Durban.

Flavors available additional to the plain cold water soap, are lavender, sweet orange and tea tree. These soaps have a slight smell, not too much, not to little. 100% Organic coloring made from soil is used.

Contact us

E-mail: sanetlieb@vodamail.co.za
Cell: +27(0) 82 373 7701
Upington Northern Cape